Once upon a time in the ever-evolving landscape of digital realms, there was a dynamic force named Christopher Dees Jr. With a passion for decoding the mysteries of the online world, Chris embarked on a journey that seamlessly blended digital marketing expertise with the finesse of a UX and IX application developer.

From the early days of tinkering with pixels and code... 

Chris discovered the magic of creating experiences that not only captivated but also converted. Armed with a knack for understanding the ever-elusive user psyche, he carved his niche as a digital virtuoso.

React Native projects

CRCS Business

Birth in The Tradition

Wall of Elevation


Working remotely with clients worldwide

 Christopher is an expert App Developer and Website Designer. In addition to creating your web design and website from scratch -I offer website maintenance, SEO and digital design packages.

Swift and SwiftUI projects

Research Statement:

My research focuses on marketing and application development. Through a combination of theoretical exploration and empirical investigation, I aim to contribute to the field by providing excellent service to my clients. My current projects include MiParent Blueprint, Fi Sublime LLC, Plant Professors 101, and several more.

C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, or Python

Combining sales experience and data backgrounds with in-house technology to identify high-quality prospects at scale.

Pro Website Building

Fi Sublime LLC

MiParent Blueprint

Plant Professors 101

Chris was not your typical tech guru hidden behind lines of code. No, he was the maître d' of the digital feast, ensuring that every pixel, every click, and every campaign told a story. He navigated the complex web of algorithms with the finesse of a chef crafting a Michelin-star dish—carefully measured, perfectly executed, and leaving the audience craving for more.

US Auto Recycling

Unique DUO

Locksmith Masters

Want to learn more about your Total Addressable Market (TAM), your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and your value proposition?

Insight Lifecare


Coastal Quality

In the ever-expanding universe of technology, the legend of Chris Dees Jr. continues to evolve—one line of code, one campaign, and one cloud at a time. The symphony plays on, and the future unfolds in pixels and dreams.